Proud to announce...


Beansoft is a young, innovative software company. It’s main purpose is to make applications which optimizes the usability of mobile phones and tablets. Their goal is to meet the individual needs and wishes of as many customers as possible.

Last year, Beansoft launched a phone and tablet keyboard with a revolutionary new layout; a split keyboard which makes typing much easier on tablets and phones. By listening to its users Thumb Keyboard was further improved, leading to a complete, multifunctional and very flexible keyboard. Beansofts successful keyboard concept has rapidly become the example for other software and hardware companies and is becoming a new standard for the tablet.

Today Beansoft is proud to announce its collaboration with Notion Ink Design Labs Pvt. Ltd. to release a Notion Ink Adam SE Thumb Keyboard. All users who upgrade their devices to next version will be able to use the trial version of the Thumb Keyboard.

Update: the upgrade will be available for USD 1.81 on the Android Market (It will also made available on later)